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Fun little game. Keep improving your skills! 

The Upside Down @ 14:18

Nice game

Nice game. A little on the short side but over all it was a great experience. Keep up the good work.

I played both games and put them into one video because of how short the games are.

Hope I can make a commentary on it but I have a crappy laptop lol. Btw, that was a great first game! That simple jump scare really got me! However there was a bug where if you click F fast enough you will have a stuck objective.


Hey guys this is the developer, i think you will like this ;)

INSANE JUMPSCARE!!!!! This game almost killed me lol!!

Great Game, especially for it being your first!

SKIP TO 6:23!!!

I liked your game, it's so fun...had a bug in one of the quests, but nothing that interferes with the game :)

it´s ok


Great first game, many put a front door to increase immersion ;)

Not bad for a first game but too short, could add more to it. (at least let us die) :)

not bad for a first game :D had fun playing ^^

I really enjoyed this game... made a video of both the first and the second. I'm hoping for the upside down three or just some more games in this vein :)  

Maintain your motivation for this passion and absorb all feedback given, so your next projects increasingly get better and better! 

Good work!

Muy buen juego! no está nada mal y me gusto, siga así :)

YouTuber: PatrickGame

me encantan, y yo hablo espanol tambien

This was a great game!!!

As a first game not bad, My only real critique is the controls locking but as it's your first game it was a good play hope you enjoy the video

cool game. (Skip to 11:14)

Man, I have such a soft spot for games like these. Coming from a starting indie horror developer, the most fun part of making a horror game is just the process itself, and trying to execute all of your ideas. This game was not an amazing horror game, but I loved it. I mean my first game isn't that great either, but that's just natural to starting to make games. And even as it's not a great horror game, I still had so much fun playing it, and so did a lot of other people, even if it's not in the way you intended. Either way, I know that this game took much more time to make than what meets the eye. If the developer is reading this, great job man. Keep creating, and keep improving :)

Cool little game, not too bad honestly

Long Story short, as a trigger test it functions perfectly, however comparing it to an actual game that typically has a narrative or some form of gameplay, both this and the sequel fall flat. To expand further into the horror genre it might be a good idea to create a story and avoid obnoxiously loud noises. Reducing a game to a tolerable volume shouldn't detract from the overall affect. But when you completely base a game around jumpscares and inanimate models with no atmosphere to back them up, there's not much point to a sequel.

lol im so late the 2nd game is already out :D!!

nah its good i like just released the new one

HI, I want to play it, but in the installation folder there is an exe file. How can I run it on mac?


Sorry doesnt work on mac :(

(1 edit) (+1)

im sorry :( but thank you very much for your answer :)

it was coo. Keep at it.

This game was so silly, but enjoyable nonetheless! Good job! 

Remind me of Netflix drama "Stranger Things" LOL

Great game enjoyed playing it!

Unknowingly just WALKS to his death? Like NOTHING is going on? We really are horror-clueless D:
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Nice for a first game, but could use some work. For starters i would add windows and a front door for immersive purposes. 

the game is not working for macos..

Cool Game! The jumpscare really got me!

Interesting game. Got jumpscared pretty good! Starts at 25:46!

I can't wait to see where you go as a creator! You did such a good job for your first game, congratulations!

what a great game


Thanks for creating the game, we had fun playing it overall. It's cute that there is no door outside of the house, hah.

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